Is your favourite garden burdened with dead branches and dead leaves? Is it too late for your favourite tree? Hiring a professional tree surgeon in Kettering can help you care for the same. A good tree surgeon can help you care for your trees and protect your trees against damage and infestations.

How do you know that it’s time to contact a tree surgeon? The answer is simple. Look for signs in your garden and trees to understand that you need professional care. To properly understand the warning signs, read the blog.

What are the Signs that Suggest You Must Call a Tree Surgeon?

When Roots are Damaged

It isn’t easy to see the condition of the roots. However, if you find the tree wilting or the barks get damaged over time, then there has been a problem with the tree’s roots. It means that the roots are not getting enough nutrients and sunlight to grow. This is a sure-shot sign that you must call the tree surgeon to look at the roots and fix the problem.

When the Tree Starts Leaning

If your tree is leaning towards the house then there’s surely some problem with the same. Sometimes, the lean can seem to be natural. However, when the tree leans more than the expected angle, there is some problem with the tree. It might fall, causing damage to the property. At some point, the tree might also be damaged beyond repair. Hence, you need to call the tree surgeons and fix them before it’s too late.

When the Branches Overgrow

Dead branches are always a sign of a damaged tree. Especially when the tree is dying, you will notice dead branches around the same. If you see this sign, get in touch with a surgeon and get your tree removed if necessary. Again, you might also face the issue of overgrown branches. Under such circumstances, calling the tree surgeons is necessary to get the branches trimmed back into their position.

When the Roots Overgrow

Since you cannot see the roots underneath the ground hence, if you find the signs of roots overgrowing and damaging the house pipes, then it is time to call the tree surgeons and get it fixed. Roots might overgrow at times, which is natural; however, access over both can damage the house’s foundation.

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