As a garden owner, do you know the difference between tree pruning and lopping? Some think both are the same, but to your surprise, both processes are different. Both techniques are related to removing tree branches, but there is a slight difference between these two. A professional tree surgeon in Kettering knows the meaning of tree pruning and tree lopping and will help you understand the same.

Having completed a small survey about these terminologies, in this blog, you will learn about the major difference between these two tree maintenance services and how they help maintain your garden.

What Do You Understand By Tree Lopping?

This process involves removing the branches. It might be large, small or even both from the tree. It is done to reduce the overall size of the canopy. The lopping trees are completed due to aesthetics. But it is also done for training the trees to develop a particular form. The lopping of trees will involve cutting down the damaged parts of the tree, such as limbs.

It is important to note that this type of tree work is done by an expert tree surgeon, as removing too many tree parts can harm the plant. It affects the ecosystem and also affects the tree’s long-term survival. Hence, if you want to keep the tree in good condition, reduce wounds and avoid pest infestation, always call the tree surgeon for tree lopping.

What Do You Know By Tree Pruning?

Many of you think tree pruning is a bigger aspect than tree lopping. It covers a wide range of tree work. Tree pruning involves four stages: formative pruning, crown thinning, crown lifting, crown reduction and reshaping.

Each area in the tree comes with a definite feature. Depending upon the result and to some limit, the age of the tree where the pruning is done. Pruning is done for many reasons, such as to keep the footpaths free from hanging branches, rods, and watercourses from unwanted tree interference.

You should call the experts, no matter what you do, either tree pruning or tree lopping. The tree surgeon is the person who will be able to provide tree pruning, lopping, and other types of tree maintenance services. For more information about tree pruning or lopping, call the Nene Valley Tree Services Limited experts. We have a team of tree surgeons who have specialisation in tree maintenance.