Please be warned!
Relevant Authorities have been made aware of a mysterious Green “Bushman” who has been spotted around local town and village parks in East Northamptonshire, wreaking havoc with the locals.

 The strange green wonder, has been spotted in Oundle, Warmington and Surrounding Villages, jumping out of bushes at unsuspecting passers-by, scaring them, and leaving them, literally ‘rooted’ to the spot in fear.

Andy Stone from Nene Valley Tree Services Ltd managed to snap this photo yesterday at Barnwell Country Park, around 10am, and then later on, Lucy Stone, Andy’s wife, tracked down this lean mean-green monster on a dog walk in Warmington, and captured them in action on her phone.

We exclusively bring you this rare footage now….
Brave humans only– Click here to see this half human/half hedge atrocity in action.

P.S. Happy April Fools Day from your friendly local tree surgeons at!
Credit where credit’s due! This video was produced by Nickxar in Ireland, and the full video clip can be found  on YouTube HERE: