Create more light with crown reduction services

Are you troubled by overgrown trees? Our crown reduction service creates space for an expanding tree by removing excess leaves and branches from tree tops. Choose us if you are looking for qualified professionals to care for your trees.

Allow more light and warmth into your garden

Tree growth often gets stunted in confined spaces due to the lack of sunlight and space. Let our pruning specialists at Nene Valley Tree Services reduce the size and volume of the tree’s crown while retaining its natural shape as much as possible. In addition to maintaining your trees, we can also prune back your branches in order to keep their shape and size consistent. We offer the following services:

Crown lifting
Crown reduction
Crown thinning

Tree care throughout Peterborough

From pruning your tree branches and leaves to hedge clearance and tree removal, our arborists carry out complete tree services in Peterborough easily. Benefit from our competitive pricing and fully insured work as our professionals strive to complete your work on time and provide you with complete satisfaction. We seek to complete all work with minimal disruption and we will keep you informed of our progress throughout. Call us with your query and we will help out.
You can also have a look at our health and safety to know more about our work. Our experience, expertise and service quality have made us a trusted name for tree surgery in the Nene Valley area.

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From crown reducing to pollarding, Nene Valley Tree Services can help. Call on 07729 664 927 for a free estimate on your requirements near Peterborough, Oundle, Corby or Stamford!