Are you confused about pruning your trees? Most people think that tree pruning is just about cutting a few branches. However, it’s so much more. Regular tree pruning boosts tree growth and removes damaged limbs. This eventually improves your tree health. But avoid pruning your trees on your own. Instead, you must hire a professional tree surgeon in Kettering. Let’s dive deeper into the subject.

How Can Tree Pruning Give You a Beautiful Garden?

Removes Decaying Branches

Removing dead branches is one of the most important aspects of tree pruning. Decayed branches prevent tree growth and also pose a falling risk to them. Besides, regular tree pruning also ensures they don’t fall in extreme weather conditions.

Prevent Trees from Diseases

Tree pruning helps in the early detection of fungi and other types of decay in trees. Pruning helps eliminate such issues and stops their spread to healthy branches of trees. Furthermore, branch thinning makes way more light penetration into the tree’s canopy and also boosts airflow. This helps in preventing disease spread and boosts growth.

Promote Fruit Production

If you ensure the correct pruning of your trees, your trees can blossom. It will promote fruit production and make it less susceptible to disease. Blooming trees also make your garden look more attractive. So, hire a tree surgeon and see your garden becoming more beautiful than ever.

Aesthetic View

Tree pruning allows more light to your garden, eventually expanding your natural habitat. This promotes the growth of shrubs. Extremely packed branches block sunlight and also don’t allow rain to reach the grass and lower-lying flowers. This hinders their growth, and you can resolve this issue with regular pruning.


Cluttered branches can fall anytime, and they can be a threat to your property as well as people. Narrow and weak crotches can damage wood as the tree ages. You must also pay attention when two main stems start to grow together from the same point, which can tear wood during high winds. Also, don’t forget about low-growing branches, as these can hinder driveways, roads or sidewalks. So, secure your outdoors with proper tree pruning and enjoy your space with peace.

These reasons are enough for regular tree pruning and hiring a professional tree surgeon. Nene Valley Tree Services Limited offers a wide range of tree services. You can count on us with your requirements. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment with our experts.