Having a garden on your property automatically gives you an extra responsibility. As the property owner, you are responsible for keeping it well-maintained and clean. From simple tree maintenance tasks like pollarding to vital works like tree removal, garden maintenance includes various things.

Stumps Can be a Potential Hazard:

When you remove a large tree from the garden, you might be left with an awkwardly positioned stump. It is the remaining part of the felled tree that is typically challenging to remove. However, when you have an expert tree surgeon in Kettering on board, removing the stump will become much easier.

Reasons to Contact a Tree Surgeon for Stump Removal:

A professional tree surgeon has the right kinds of tools and expertise to remove the tree stump from your garden efficiently. We point out more about the need to collaborate with a tree surgeon in the following section.

  • Improving the Landscape:

    Removing a tree stump from the garden is never an easy task. Every homeowner may have faced the frustrating experience of removing it during garden maintenance. The worst part is that it can affect the overall view of the landscape. You cannot even use the lawnmower properly when the stump is around. For a smooth removal of the stumps, getting in touch with a reliable tree surgeon is vital.

  • Preventing Newer Growth:

    If the roots of the removed tree remain healthy in the ground, they can produce sprouts. This is a potential sign of a regrowing tree, which can be particularly worrying for you. The sprouts can grow into multiple shafts, which means the growth of multiple trunks. To prevent this, a professional tree surgeon can use their tools and remove the stump convincingly.

  • Safe Removal Work:

    When talking about its safety, stump removal is a challenging task. It can be more hazardous if you implement DIY methods to remove it. This may be risky for the other tenants of the house, like your family members, pets and children. A professional tree surgeon has years of experience in performing this task. They follow the necessary safety measures to remove the stump responsibly. It would no longer remain a tripping hazard in the middle of your backyard.

 As you can see, calling in an expert in stump removal can benefit you in many ways. To get proper assistance, you can contact Nene Valley Tree Services. We are a well-known source where you can get the services of professional tree surgeons in Kettering. For more information, you can communicate with us today.